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ICTC Sept 2007 WGM agenda

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  • Q3 (FO+LC): v2.x
    • Administriva
    • approve agenda
    • approve minutes
    • Co-chair Election
    • v2.7 proposals (length discussion)
    • Discussion of QPD, RTD and ADD repeating last field and implications for conformance
    • Suggested Changes for Conformance Section (v2.7): discussion to identify proposals
  • Q4 (??)
    • Meet (inofficially) with InM regarding conformance issues


  • Q1 (FO+LC): conformance testing strategy
    • background + (testing) framework
    • DSTU testing project
  • Q2 (LC+FO): Implementation Issues
  • Tuesday Lunch --(CM) Implementation Lunch
  • Q3: (CM) Implementation workshops, Implementation FAQ, committee plans
    • Includes disscusion of how we support proposed vocab implementaion stream in May WGM
  • Q4: v2.x Tools:
    • overview (MWB + Msg-Maker + DVTk + AHML)
    • cooperation strategy


  • Q1 (CM) Case studies
  • Q2 (CM) Case Studies (NL GP2GP)
  • Q4 (CM) Joint with Patient Safety (Patient Safety Hosting):


  • Q1
    • initial discussion on dynamic model issues
    • agenda/schedule for next meeting
  • Q2 Joint with Tooling (hosted by tooling)
  • Q3 joint with Voc (hosted by Voc)
    • vocabulary issues/implementation guide (Vocab request per Charlie)


  • agenda items to add
    • DSTU testing
    • Implementation Guide

  • Constraints
    • CM available tues q3, wed q1,2
    • Jason available for all slots when committee meets