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HealthcareService FHIR Resource Proposal

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Owning committee name

Patient Administration

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

A HealthcareService Resource provides detailed information about a healthcare service that is provided by an organization at a location (which may be virtual), and its typical characteristics.

Note: The Term "Service" in this context does not refer to a SOA/web service or other IT related service.

RIM scope

V3 V2 AIS?

Resource appropriateness

This resource is used to help consumers and providers locate appropriate services which meet care needs.

Currently the exchange of this information between systems is manual or proprietary and the desire for this to be standardized and easier to expose is highly desirable.

Expected implementations

This resource is likely to be implemented by applications with Service Directories such as:

  • Patient Administration Systems
  • Web portal(s) exposing service information
  • National/Regional/HIE Service Directory Systems

Content sources

We will be referring to the existing OMG ServD Standard, and the HL7 v2 and v3 messages and models.

Example Scenarios

A Government Body that exposes a directory of service data (e.g. would provide its service information publicly. This would be accessible both as a website, and also as a service that can be interrogated by "apps" to re-present this information for specific audiences (e.g.

A Healthcare organization wanting to publish their service data for their consumers (e.g.

A hospital wants to keep its internal list of organizations that it regularly sends referral information to up to date with the hours and service offerings up to date without having to manually update and enter their information.

A consumer is able to locate a service that has specific eligibility requirements which searching. Such as covered by Health Insurance, or Organization (e.g VA covered)

Resource Relationships

This resource is expected to have references to Location, Organization, Practitioner.

Other relationships may include: Appointment, Encounter, Coverage, CarePlan.


We expect that this resource will be ready for inclusion in the next Ballot (expecting September 2014).

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