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Harmonization Review Summary (date in title)

Change only the right-most three columns. The left is auto-generated from the Harmonization spreadsheet

Item # Work Group Proposal Name Partial Description Proposal ID Notes Result Vote
010101 MNM Deprecate Act.derivationExpr In data types R2, the EXPR data type subsumes the use of the previous Act.derivationExpr attribute. Therefore, deprecate this attribute C00-23 notes result ^-v-?
010102 MNM Deprecate the Transmission.versionCode attribute Revised approach to Interaction and Versioning calls for attribute Transmoission.versionCode to be deprecated in favor of representing using Transmission.profileId to reflect the publication package u C00-24 notes result ^-v-?
010103 MNM Drop ""Rationale"" from description of Act.statusCode Drop ""Rationale"" from description of Act.statusCode it is dated and confusing aas its recommendation no longer applies C00-25 notes result ^-v-?
020101 MNM Add ActRelationship typeCode of VALUE In order to inmplent HotTopic agreement for Intentionality_of_Act_and_the_Future_of_Observations it is necessary to add an ActRelationship typeCode of VALUE to convey that one act provides the Value ( COO-21 notes result ^-v-?
020202 MNM Change printName of ActRelationship type code COMPKY ActRelatrionship typeCode COMPLY has print name of Update it should be ""compliesWith"" C00-26 notes result ^-v-?
030101 PAFM ManufacturedMaterialTrackingTagType domain Add the ManufacturedMaterialTrackingTagType sub-domain under EntityCode for representing a Manufactured Material as a particular type of tracking tag. PA-201103-01 notes result ^-v-?
030102 MEDREC Add codes to ActReason_MedicationOrderAbortReasonCode Add two codes to ActReason_MedicationOrderAbortReasonCode concept hierarchy. PHARM-CA201103-01 notes result ^-v-?