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Harmonization: Transmission Inheritance

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Editing of harmonisation proposals prior to a harmonization meeting is restricted to the proposal submitter and the co-chairs of the steward comittee. Other changes will be undone. Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this proposal.

Recommendation for HL7 RIM Change RECOMMENDATION ID:
Submitted by: INM Revision (# and date): 20060219
Date submitted: Committee status: Approved (WGM Jan06)
Submitted by: Rene Spronk  
NAME: document Transmission Inheritance  

Stewards Position

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(responsibility level: S=Steward; I=Interested)
INM Approved S


The transmissions that form the contents of a Batch (a Transmission with a Batch-class entry point) mostly have the same Sender/Receiver as the Batch transmission itself. This introduces a level of redundancy which some implementers would like to avoid. The RIM currently makes no statement regarding the inheritance of transmission related classes.


Add documentation to the RIM to the effect that Child transmissions inherit all elements of the Parent transmission unless explicitly overridden, such as sender, receiver, attachments, transmission time, etc. This is applicable to (but not limited to) Messages [interactions with a Message-class entry-point] contained in a Batch [interactions with a Batch-class entry-point].


Avoid duplication which increases the size of Batches; resolve modelling ambiguity by documenting inheritance for transmissions.

Recommended Action Items

  • Implement the proposed solution


20060618 harmonization meeting

Lloyd: add docomuent to association from batch to transmission batch:transmission-transmission:batch. Friendly amendmend.

Charlie: what type of contextConduction (if that were possible on this association) is this? Somethings may inherit where you don't want to.

Open issue: there currently is no mechanism to stop unwanted inheritance.

Vote: 8-0-2