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Harmonization: Description of AttentionLine

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Editing of harmonisation proposals prior to a harmonization meeting is restricted to the proposal submitter and the co-chairs of the steward comittee. Other changes will be undone. Please add comments to the "discussion" page associated with this proposal.

Recommendation for HL7 RIM Change RECOMMENDATION ID:
Submitted by: INM Revision (# and date): 20060509
Date submitted: Committee status: Approved - 20060509
Submitted by: Rene Spronk  
NAME: description of AttentionLine  

Stewards Position

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(responsibility level: S=Steward; I=Interested)
INM Under review S


The RIM Transmission::AttentionLine class has the following description (ballot Jan 2006): This class allows parameters for a technology specific transport to be represented in the V3 message outer wrapper. - This doesn't cover the way it is currently used, nor does it allow for a set of use-cases INM plans to support using this class.

  • AttentionLine.keyWordText: current description is A parameter defining word..
  • AttentionLine.value: currently has no description. At a previous harmonization meeting INM agreed to provide new definition that includes a strong set of constraints on the data tpes that this attribute can assume. Pending the delivery of that description, it was agreed in harmonization to drop the proposed description.


  • Change description of AttentionLine to: This class allows parameters related to the transmission to be represented in the V3 transmission message outer wrapper. The contents of the class shall be related to the transmission as a whole and shall be solely used for transmission related purposes and not have any impact on the semantic interpretation of the contents of the transmission. Example: if encrypted or compressed payloads are used, and the receiver needs to have access to the for internal routing purposes within the receving application, then the sender can make this information available in AttentionLine.
  • Change description of AttentionLine.value to A value associated with the key as provided in the AttentionLine.keyWordText atribute.
    • The value is meant to be machine processable. The data type of the attribute will be constrained to one of the following data types: BL, CV, II, URL, INT, REAL, TS, PQ, MO, IVL<PQ>, IVL<TS>.


  • The change is in line with current usage, which is to use the AttentionLine in Message transmissions for "routing" purposes by e.g. including (duplicating from payload) the in it.
  • The change is requested so the class can be used to convey (Realm specific) meta-information related to the batch (a transmission) as a whole, as long as such content has no impact on the semantic interpretation of the contents of the Batch.
  • The INM TC is examining various use-cases related to batch transmissions. Some of the "universal" use-cases may result in new attributes in either the Transmission or the Batch class. For non-universal use-cases or for use-cases not yet covered by the MCCI domain the suggested recommendation offers a solution.

Recommended Action Items

  • Implement the proposed solution


20060718 Discussed during Harmonization Meeting.

Gunther: not interoperable, doesn't like the presence of the class.

Lloyd: friendly amendment to remove "outer". Constraint to datatypes should be part of the description (now also shown in Italics above).

Motion approved: 9-0-1 (y-n-a)