HMD and Model documentation for ballots

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The questions below address issues for model and HMD documentation in V3 messaging ballot packages. Please provide answers and discussions as commentary. Also add new questions if they are relevant.

  1. Should committees create class level narratives to go along with RMIM diagrams?
    If they do so, should the contents of this narratives also be included in HMDs?
  2. If committees provide DMIMs, should narratives be included for the DMIM or the RMIM?
    If there is a DMIM narrative, should the descriptions be duplicated in the RMIM?
  3. If there is a DMIM narrative, should RMIM narratives contains descriptions for classes that are specializations of DMIM classes?
    Or that are used in specialized ways?
  4. When committees provide DMIM and RMIM level narratives, should these only describe classes, or should they describe attributes as well?
    Or should attribute level descriptions go into the HMDs?
  5. If committee’s choose to provide attribute level descriptions, should these include all attributes?
    That is, should the descriptions in the RIM be duplicated, or should committees only add further detail to explain where an attribute is used in a specialized way?
    IN OTHER WORDS: Should committees assume that balloters have some familiarity with the RIM?
  6. If committees are to assume some level of familiarity with the RIM, how deep should that go?