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HL7 Vocabulary Technical Correction Reporting

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HL7 Vocabulary Correction Reporting


In an effort to improve the quality of the HL7 Vocabulary database, a Vocabulary Correction reporting Wiki are has been established. This area will act as the reporting and history mechanism for submitting, tracking and monitoring of Vocbulary and Vocabulary Correction issues.


A Vocabulary Technical Correction issue may be opened by anyone.

To open a Vocabulary Technical Correction issue:

  1. Create a wiki page (or using an existing wiki page on which the issue is already being discussed)
  2. Ensure the Wiki page reflects the core of the Vocabulary issue, rationale as to why the issue needs to be resolved, and if possible, a suggested resolution
  3. Flag it as a Vocabulary Correction by inserting {{Vocabulary Correction}} as the first line of text of the wiki discussion
  4. Send an e-mail to the [Vocabulary list] with the subject line "Vocabulary Correction: <some descriptive label>" and include a summary of the issue along with a link to the Wiki page

Resolution process:

  • Vocabulary Corrections will be reviewed on a regular basis on Vocabulary TC conference calls and at Harmonization meetings.
  • The Vocabulary Correction for discussion at a given conference call or meeting will be governed by several considerations
    • Whether the wiki discussion seems to be close to reconcilliation
    • Whether there has been progress on the list servers and/or wiki since the issue was last discussed
    • Whether the principle participants in the discussion are available to discuss the Vocabulary Correction
  • Results of Vocabulary Correction discussions will be posted to the Vocabulary list]
  • Upon resolution, a Vocabulary Correction will be either categorized as
    • resolved - if there are further outstanding actions to be taken by MnM or other committees, or
    • closed - if all action items have been completed
  • Vocabulary will monitor the Vocabulary Correction Reporting for revisions categorized as resolved with a view to seeing them move to closed as soon as feasible.