HL7 Templates SIG Roadmap

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Knock out the Template Requirements Document

HL7 - CEN (openEHR) mapping

Work with XML ITS to conclude the TemplateId issue

Define once and for all what a template is

Define in various formalisms - MIF, ADL, Visual representation

Define behaviors / usage of templates

Answer the question, "How does one formalize a template into a computable model and how do I implement it on the wire?"

Determine whether MIF2 meets template needs

Create a mapping from Template Requirements to MIF2

Define template-specific requirements on tooling (modeling, schema generation, validation)

Engage the XML ITS on how to materialize a template

Determine the relationship to the UML ITS and engage them on that level

Determine the relation to Minimum Data Sets

Determine special requirements for templates from each domain TC/SIG

What do they need templates for? Do they have special wishes? (partially a requirements gathering exercise and partially an educational exercise).

Engage CDA to determine template usage and requirements for CDA R2 L2

Determine the relationship/usage of templates and conformance

Define template repository requirements