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HL7 Stability Standard Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes 2011-05-23

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HL7 Stability Standard Pilot/Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes

May 23, 2011


Norman Gregory (CVM), Elizabeth Cormier (CVM), David Longstaff (CVM), Tim Lee (CBER), Tena Wei (CDRH), Terry Quinn (NCI/EVS), Catherine Hosage-Norman (Sunovion), Mike Mlodzik (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.), Mike Yang (ScienTek Software), Diane Miller(Alpharma), Art Griesser (Promethues), and Howard Shatz (Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.)

  • Here is the link to the stability codes at NCI ( If you click on the file "Stability.xls" check the message banner of your browser, you might need to show restricted content. To join the list sever to get updated to the codes click "About.html", scroll to the bottom and in the section "Contact Information and Updates" click "LISTSERV", type "stability" in search window and click "Search", click "ncievs-stability-l", click "Subscribe or Unsubscribe" on bottom right, fill out information and click "Subscribe (NCIEVS-STABILITY-L)", in the confirmation e-mail you receive click on link.
  • Which IDs are pointers and can be duplicated and which IDs can't be duplicated? The ID in DefinitionStub and SiteStub are pointers.
  • The DefinitionStub ID is type ll and the SiteStub ID is type SET (a set of lls). Should or can they be a simple type? All ID s are type ll or SET (set of lls, there is no simple type. A stub is an internal reference inside the model.
  • Can we add the attribute "testCode" to TestDefinition class? Yes, we would have to ballot it and constrain the ballot to just that change. Mead Walker should be on the call June 13th
  • There will be no teleconferences on May 30th and June 6th.

Agenda for June 13, 2011 Teleconference: