HL7 Stability Standard Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes 2011-01-17

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HL7 Stability Standard Pilot/Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes

January 17, 2011

Attendees: Catherine Hosage-Norman (Sunovion), Mike Yang (ScienTek Software), Edward Pec (Abbott Laboratories), Art Griesser (Promethues) and Diane Miller(Alpharma).

  • Discussed the division of the document into Automated vs. Non-automated. Consensus was that Automated could be validation items that could be checked by the schematron. If that is the case, then items in the non-automated section need to move the automated section.
  • It was pointed out that the elements listed in the "Elements" document could confuse people. Mike Yang thought the indented version show at the last meeting may be a better starting document.
  • Most of class codes , mood codes and type codes in the message are fixed value not need to be entered for the message to validate. It was suggested that these can be dropped from the validation document.
  • Without a moderator to share the desktop the meeting was adjourned. There will be a teleconference on 24 January 2011.