HL7 Stability Standard Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes 2009-11-23

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HL7 Stability Standard Pilot/Implementation Guide Teleconference Minutes

November 23, 2009


Norman Gregory (CVM), Elizabeth Cormier (CVM), David Longstaff (CVM), Tim Lee (CBER), JoAnn Ziyad (CFSAN), Catherine Hosage-Norman (Sepracor), Mike Mlodzik (Fort Dodge Animal Health), Paul Tenaglia (Apotex), Mike Yang (ScienTek Software), and Diane Miller (Alpharma)

  • The new version of the Stylesheet can be found at: http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/download/docmanfileversion/5348/6676/estability-Nov20.zip
  • Right click in table of landscape view of file, can export to Excel. Will show all the columns no matter what is selected in landscape view. In Excel you can delete columns and select a column for copy and paste. We are checking to see how this work on an Apple.
  • CVS export is an independent operation, it opens another window. Click “File”, then “Save As”, for Save as type: select “Text f\file (*.txt)”.
  • CVS file will not display a column deselected from checkboxes.
  • CSV file is locked down, you can not change it.
  • The landscape view will display the information from that report and the Associated Studies.
  • The landscape view has every fifth row shaded.
  • The User Guide for In Put Tool will need some general information and how to navigate at the beginning.
  • The User Guide will have screen shots of each tab with example information filled in and then a small thumb nail of each heading and examples of the type of information that should be put there.
  • Please start trying to use the In Put Tool and document any issues. It can be found at https://www.estability.org then click on wiki at top of page and it is at the bottom, file name SMIT0942.zip and the expiration is 1/1/2010. There is also a Word file ”input_tool_observations” that documents other known issues. You need Microsoft.NET framework, version 2 or higher (most current is 3.5) for the Input Tool to work.

Agenda for November 30, 2009 Teleconference: