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HL7 FHIR Security 2016-3-8

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Call Logistics

Weekly: Tuesday at 05:00 EST (2 PM PST)

Conference Audio: 770-657-9270,' Access: 845692

Join online meeting: https://meet.RTC.VA.GOV/suzanne.gonzales-webb/67LLFDYV

If you are having difficulty joining, please try:

Please be aware that teleconference meetings are recorded to assist with creating the meeting minutes

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Member Name Member Name Member Name
x John Moehrke Security Co-Chair x Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair . Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair
. Gary Dickinson EHR Co-Chair . Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair . Mike Davis
. Reed Gelzer RM-ES Lead . Glen Marshal . Galen Mulrooney
. Dave Silver x Rob Horn x Judy Fincher
. Diana Proud-Madruga . Beth Pumo . Oliver Lawles


  • Roll; approval of agenda and March 1, 2016 minutes
  • Any changes expecting to be tested at the next FHIR Connectathon need to be submitted into the build by March 27th.
  • CPs for Review
  • Next set of discussion
    • 9417 Add a new Provenance.entity.lifecycle element to align with Audit.entity.lifecycle. Align definitions. (Kathleen Connor) Persuasive with Mod
    • 7568 2015May core #859 - How are agent and activity linked? (Kathleen Connor) None
    • 9407 Align AuditEvent and Provenance action/activity element. Recommend "Provenance.activity". (Kathleen Connor) None
    • 9150 Provenance TODO section cleanup (John Moehrke) None
    • 9151 AuditEvent has TODO section to be removed (John Moehrke) None
    • 9166 Break-Glass method defined doesn't include AuditEvent effect. (John Moehrke) None
    • 9167 AuditEvent needs to make more obvious how to record a break-glass event (John Moehrke) None
    • 9176 Security-Labels page for _confidentialiy points at all "Confidentiality" codes, not just _confidentiality. (John Moehrke) None
    • 9563 Add onBehalfOf to Signature datatype (Kathleen Connor) None
    • 9564 Should FHIR AuditEvent resource include DICOM extension of ATNA Audit log message ? (Madhusudana B Shivalinge Gowda) None


  • John chaired.
  • Unanimous approval of agenda and minutes.
  • Discussed John"s blog article from the email discussion on Provenance vs Audit Questions about which agent is generating a CREATE/UPDATE, since that's not the view of the user agent about the activity performed led to the conclusion that we need at least two interaction diagrams to shows:
    • Provenance Interactions
      • Generation of a Provenance Resource recording the user agent activity that caused the
      • Possible linking of the user's Provenance Resource to a Resource that the user POSTS/PUTS on or TRANSFERS to a FHIR Server and possible persistence by the Server.
      • Generation of a Provenance Resource recording the Server's CREATE/UPDATE
    • AuditEvent Interactions
      • Generation of AuditEvent Resource recording the actions on the system triggered by the user agent and facilitating agent activities [e.g., user authenticating, system handshakes required for transfers, etc.]
      • Generation of AuditEvent Resource recording the actions by the Server.

John will make draft for discussion on next call.

  • RE: Security CP 9563Add onBehalfOf to Signature datatype
    • “onBehalfOf" definition of " = Agent who delegated signing or did not have the legal standing to sign for themselves (such as a child) e.g., a party to a contract, consent directive, witness, attester, etc.
    • Add "onBehalfOfReference" definition: The delegator for which the “who” Reference, e.g., a Device, signed on behalf of. The delegator can only be a Referenced Resource type in the context in which the signature is used. E.g., in a contract, where a signing party must have legal standing, by limiting Referenced resources to Organizational or Person like Resources, may be enough of a constraint to prevent a device being the delegator to another device and thereby a signer which must have legal standing.
    • NOTE that W3C PROV Namespace has a description for "actedOnBehalfOf" = "Delegation is the assignment of authority and responsibility to an agent (by itself or by another agent) to carry out a specific activity as a delegate or representative, while the agent it acts on behalf of retains some responsibility for the outcome of the delegated work.
  • Alternative approaches were discussed, including using XADES delegation and countersigning capabilities.
  • Rob suggested using the UCC term "personal representative" vs the W3C PROV term "onBehalfOf".
  • Homework: To review XADES and HL7 Digital Signature CDA IG for alternative approaches, and to consider alternatives to "onBehalfOf" as well as a definition that covers more than the delegation use case.
  • Deferred discussion of Security CP 9407 - aligned AuditEvent.activity and Provenance.activity.