HL7 Architecture Risk Assessment

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  • Sponsored by the Technical Steering Committee
  • Co-sponsored by the Architecture review Board

Project Information

Link to Project Scope Statement: http://www.hl7.org/special/Committees/projman/searchableProjectIndex.cfm?action=edit&ProjectNumber=901

  • Assess the risks associated with successfully completing HL7's Strategic Initiatives and from that develop a Risk Profile, Identify Governance Points to mitigate risks and recommend corresponding Precepts, Roles, Processes and Metrics.

Meeting Information


  • Review Strategic Initiatives and identify risks - July 2012 - not started
  • Identify impact and probability for identified risks - August 2012 - not started
  • Identify proposed Governance Points to mitigate identified risks - September 2012 - not started
  • Recommend Precepts, Processes, Roles and Criteria at specific governance points - January 2013 - not started

Issues/Hot Topics

Project Documents