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Future IAT Topics

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Suggested topics for future IATs

  • Linda Michealson:
    • I have come across a couple of “how do EMR’s do this” or “do EMR’s send this” questions in the past couple of weeks and I know the IAT is good place to ask these. Do you have any place we could start to accumulate these type of thing for the next IAT?
      • How do systems communicate what they support?
        • For FHIR, Epic and Cerner both provide sandboxes with documentation and testing.
        • For C-CDA, it’s non-existent (one link I found on Epic)
  • Progress Note – VA and Epic support, who else is considering as their primary encounter document
  • Discharge Summary – how do you include medications administered during an inpatient stay
  • Medication section deep dive – administered medications vs historical vs ordered vs dispensed vs med list. What do you send and how?
  • CCD – What range of data for each section do you send when an on-demand document is created.
  • Value set and Vocabulary maintenance – What are reasonable expectations for your customers to update vocabulary
  • From IATs 1-5
    • IATs 3 and 4 topics were the following; should we continue with these?:
      • Continuity of Care Document (CCD)
      • Discharge Summary
      • Referral Note
      • Care Plan
        • General Care Plans (Virtual IAT)
        • Specialty Care Plans (Virtual IAT)