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Fix ActRelationship concept "transformation"

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Recommendation for HL7 RIM Change RECOMMENDATION ID:
Submitted by: Gunther Schadow Revision (# and date): 1
Date submitted: 20060624 Committee status: open
Submitted by: Gunther Schadow  
NAME: Fix definition of ActRelationship Transformation  

Stewards Position

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(responsibility level: S=Steward; I=Interested)

There is an error in the definition of ActRelationship transformation, which reads:

C11624 XFRM transformation

"Used when the target Act is a transformation of the source Act. (For instance, used to show that a CDA document is a transformation of a DICOM SR document.)"

However, this is inconsistent with the definition of its generalization, which is:

ActRelationshipSequel S10337 SEQL is sequel

"An act relationship indicating that the source act follows the target act. The source act should in principle represent the same kind of act as the target. Source and target need not have the same mood code (mood will often differ). The target of a sequel is called antecedent. Examples for sequel relationships are: revision, transformation, derivation from a prototype (as a specialization is a derivation of a generalization), followup, realization, instantiation."

The source act must follow the target act, that is, the source act should be the transformation of the target act, not the target act the transformation of the source act.

This must be fixed by changing the definition. This may have an effect on CDA, however, it must be noted that this is an ERROR in the definition of XFRM and the definition is inconsistent with the terminology and hence that it is broken the way it is now. If you look at the formal name which is created you will see that it says

source --transformationOf--> target

which means, the name is correct. It can be assumed that this relationship is therefore meant to be defined correctly and used correctly and that simply the definition is wrong. In that case the definition should be fixed only to:

"Used when the source Act is a transformation of the target Act. (For instance, used to show that a CDA document is a transformation of a DICOM SR document.)"

Note also that this seems to match the explanation in the parenthesis much better and seems indeed the way this is used. Therefore, we should not deprecate and recreate the corrected concept.

Also, this should be moved to be the generalization of the excerpt and verbatim excerpt relationships, because an excerpt is necessarily a transform.

Recommended Action Items

  • Implement the proposed solution