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February 7th, 2012 Security Working Group Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. (15 min) Security WG MOTION: 4th Security Chair addtion
  3. (15 min) Security and Privacy Ontology - Tony Weida
  4. (15 min) Security DAM proposal Mike Davis
  5. (5 min) ISO Standards Discussion - Kathleen Connor

Action Items

Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

Convene Call, Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda- Mike Davis, presiding cochair Fourth Cochair Position - Mike Davis

  • Mike discussed putting out motion for a fourth cochair position. Motion is officially open from 2/7 – 10. Voting slated from 2/13-20th. Mike noted that the deadline for HL7 for new cochair positions is February 10th; however, the WG online voting process will not be completed by then. Instead, he recommended that the WG nominate an interim cochair at the May WG meeting if the online motion passes.”

DAM DSTU Publication Update - Kathleen Connor

  • Mike requested update on publication of the DAM DSTU. Kathleen reported that Ioana is adding the required HL7 Intellectual Property and publication information in the publication. Once completed, the publication will be presented to the TSC for approval.”

Security WG Online Voting Process - Bill Braithwaite

  • Bill is developing an electronic voting process for the Security WG. Bill will submit to Mike for review and approval by the WG.

Security and Privacy Ontology - Tony Weida

  • Mike and Tony discussed having a second call to get the Ontology ballot ready. Tony asked for feedback on the Ontology work plan for each week. Not much feedback about core classes and structure. Next Tony asks for feedback on the policy and consent directive classes. He provided a walk-through. Group discussed the Constraint Catalog from RBAC and whether it’s a vocabulary or a class. Mike asserted that the Constraint and RBAC Permission Catalogs are vocabularies for attributes”

ISO Standards Request - Kathleen Connor

  • Kathleen discussed the ISO Standards list that the WG may wish to have HL7 obtain from ISO for standards development purposes. Mike noted that Bernd stated that he can provide these standards to the group because of his position in ISO. Action Item: Need to check with HL7 HQ about best approach.

Draft March Harmonization Proposal Review - Kathleen Connor Kathleen discussed proposed March Harmonization proposal drafts that she will finalize and circulate to the WG list. She noted that coversheet submission deadline is Sunday February 12th, but that the WG has more time to consider whether to approve for final submission. Mike stated that he felt that the WG has not had adequate time to consider these and that the March Harmonization deadline is artificial. He asked whether the WG members wanted to review the proposals. Bill said that he’d like to see them. Kathleen posted initial drafts on gforge.”

Other Business No other business was discussed. Call adjourned at 1:55PM Eastern

Action Items

  • Bill will send draft WG online voting process proposal to cochairs.
  • Tony will discuss difference between vocabulary for class attributes and classes further with Mike.”
  • Kathleen will check with Bernd and HL7 HQ about approaches for obtaining ISO standards.
  • Kathleen will circulate draft Harmonization proposals on list for review.

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