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February 24, 2016 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (Chair/Scribe)
  • Melanie Hilliard (HL7)
  • Mary Ann Boyle (HL7)
  • Virginia Lorenzi
  • Reed Gelzer
  • Sharon Charlock (HL7)
  • Heather Grain
  • Fernando Campos
  • Carson (Arden Syntax WG)

Quorum - Yes


EHR Tutorial

  • EHR Reliability Assessment for Records Risk
    • has been discussed and have suggested that it be offered as a Webinar
    • there were 2 previous tutorials offered but they were cancelled due to lack of attendance
    • New submitted tutorial was submitted in January
    • will not be presented in May
    • Reed has no interest in doing a webinar
    • speaker will be paid an honorarium to do the webinar
Action:  Education WG to review Tutorial Specification and provide feedback to Reed

Arden Syntax exam update

  • Status - not sure if there has been a conference call since the last WGM
  • This a project of the Arden Syntax WG - that WG needs to move forward with the work
  • WG is looking for a template for a survey
Action: Sharon to provide a survey template

Update on Proposed Tools Webinars/Tutorials

Action: forward Kai's tutorial specification to the list and let Kai know that it will be discussed on the next teleconference

Update on Mobile Question App

  • Virginia has followed up with Marcelo
  • Marcelo expects to be able to work on it in February
  • Need to determine what Marcelo has to offer
  • Have approval in the budget to deliver questions via Q-Stream
  • CDA ontology has been provided by Cecil Lynch
  • Have not heard back from Marcelo - but have forward ontology to Marcelo
  • Have a deadline to get information and demo from Marcelo within next 3 weeks
Action: Review on next teleconference

Update or requests from Sharon/Mary Ann

  • Key Initiatives for 2016
    • Certification Quiz Program to be launched by Plenary
      • there is some urgency to this - need to make sure we can test this and implement this before then
  • Path to FHIR training
    • path for training and a schedule has been scheduled - has been shared with Diego and Melva - waiting for a response from Diego
    • want to avoid conflicts for training
    • Fernando has reviewed - will be making a change to the course
Action:  Sharon will share

Tutorial Grid/Review Process for Sept WGM

  • Virginia has distributed a draft process to the list
    • has received feedback from John Ritter
    • 2 kinds of review
      • front page review - needs quick review
      • full specification review - more thorough review
    • reviews could be done by different people if necessary
    • Virginia will update to distinguish roles
Action: Heather to provide comments to Virginia
Action: Virginia to post updated version to the list in advance of next meeting

Discussion of Implementation Workshops

  • March workshop - attendance issues
  • what should we do?
    • 23 registered total - for different days
    • Cancelled V2 and CDA but will run FHIR sessions

Ideas for Webinars/Ed Summits and how to get more

  • Review list of suggestions from Wiki and Virginia's list and do a survey to prioritize
  • Marketing/Membership - encourage Gold and Benefactors to take advantage of membership benefit to do a Webinar Case Study
Action:  Virginia to pull a list together of ideas

Any news on advertising for Education

  • started to promote next Ed Summit/FHIR Institute - using LinkedIN advertising and contacts to help promote

Education dashboard/metrics (Deferred)

  • Inventory of Tutorials and Tutorial Specifications