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February 19, 2014 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (chair and scribe)
  • Sharon Chaplock
  • Ken Chen
  • Rob Savage
  • Katherine Duteau
  • Jean Duteau
  • Patrick Loyd
  • Mary Ann Boyle (HQ Staff)
  • Diego Kaminker
  • Harry Solomon



  • SAIF Webinar
    • will be recorded at the WGM
    • Feb 5, 2014: Ron's day job interfered with his available time to record. He is looking to reschedule but no word yet.
Action: Patrick to follow up with Ron for next Education meeting
  • Request from US Domain task force to create an SDO Class for Government Contractors (Keith Boone)
    • The class would describe standards development practices of SDO's and how contractors can better engage with SDOs. While we would certainly focus a good portion of content on engagement with HL7, we have other SDO constituencies within HL7 (CDISC, DICOM and IHE) that can add to the material making it even more valuable.
    • If there is enough interest during the call in developing such a course, we could begin a Project Scope statement are start developing the material for delivery perhaps in May.
Action:  Melva to send back to Keith - if they believe there is enough interest - develop PSS and Tutorial Specification and submit for approval

Discussion of Certification Exams and Ed Summits

  • v2 Workshop Project
Action: Melva to forward to Steering Division for approval
  • FHIR Workshop Project
Action: Melva to forward to FMG for approval, education is only co-sponsor


  • Process for New Tutorials and updates to existing Tutorials (Sharon)
    • a document is being developed by HQ
Action:  Add to agenda for next Education meeting
Action:  Sharon to forward to the list

Action Item Followup

Education Action List

  • see updates on Action List Page

HL7 Fundamentals update (Diego)

  • Status of Courses
    • Update on HL7 Fundamentals:
      • Pakistan ended last week
      • Brazil begins Portuguese edition in May
      • We will begin Spanish edition in April
      • Almost 200 registrants for March edition - starts March 13th
      • We have 23 scholarship petitions so far, mostly from Philippines (new affiliate)
  • Status of Update Work
    • Contract has been awarded and has been signed
    • Work has started
    • expected to be completed by April 7th

Path to Certification

File:Certification Path.docx

  • Review of document created by Sharon
    • Feedback
      • we don't require experience for our certification. Is the Education column for what the candidates must have or a suggestion?
      • We don't have a certification program
      • Suggestions - v2 Control Specialist - an education degree may not help - expect that 1+ year experience in Health Care IT environment with some use of HL7
      • Do we have data on who has been successful? We don't have that kind of data - there is a real mix of who has been successful
      • Will need to have disclaimers
      • more generic "in our experience, some experience in health IT and knowledge of HL7...factors for success"
      • flow chart based on experience - that includes all of the offerings and where you insert yourself into the path
Action:  Continue the discussion on next Education call

MU Immunization Webinar

  • who are we marketing to
  • what do we want to convey with our webinars
    • Rob is tweaking the regular tutorial - should he just use the same tutorial?
    • we could divide into a series of webinars with assignments in between
    • it was intended to be a Skill Building Webinar
    • can have pre-requisites - other webinars
  • could do a pod-cast as part of marketing to tell people what will be taught
  • Business Level Focus
  • Technical Level Focus

2014 Webinar Schedule

  • Update - Deferred

Education Portal Availability

  • Further discussion of recommendation to the Membership Committee
Action:  Add agenda to next Education call

HL7 Learning Partners

  • Subgroup has not met - Wiki page created
    • No discussion - Melva will forward to the sub-group


  • Additional resources and reading material - Ken

Next meeting

  • Next meeting - March 5, 2014 at 11am Eastern