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February 14th, 2012 Security Working Group Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. (05 min) 4th Co-Chair addition - Mike Davis
  3. (15 min) Security and Privacy Ontology Ballot Status Update - Tony Weida
  4. (20 min) HL7 Harmonization Meeting - Kathleen Connor
  5. (05 min) Approval of the list of ISO documents requested - Kathleen Connor

Documents to be discussed:


  • Ballot is out for approval of 4th co-chair. Early results are all positive
    • Missed deadline of the 10th was missed, for nominations for new co-chair positions at the Vancouver meeting.
    • There is a process we can use for Interim co-chair. This will hold over until formal
  • Ontology
    • Submitting the ontology project for intent to ballot with target beyond Vancouver.
    • there is a risk that we might not have the work done due to resource constraints. If so, we can withdraw our ballot.
  • Vocabulary
    • (See items listed above)
    • All 4 items have been submitted to vocab. We have until march to make changes to the proposals.
    • Security Vocabulary Proposal 2 -- was submitted to vocab. We have some time to make final modifications.
      • Kathleen walked us through the proposal as currently stands
    • Security Vocabulary Proposal 2 -- ActSecurityPolicyType, ActObligationSecurityPolicyType, ActRefrainSecuityPolicyType
      • add new object to hold Privacy policy
      • allows something like a CDA document to have at each section within a pointer to policy that (obligations and refrains) that rule over that section.
      • creates new vocabulary --
      • Action: Reminder to workgroups to review
    • Security Vocabulary Proposal 3 - PurposeOfUse ActReason Vocabulary
      • update to harmonize PurposeOfUse codes
      • added some, clarified others, harmonized with ISO
      • Action: Workgroup members review
  • ISO documents request
    • (See item above)
    • see motion below
  • Mike observes that we need more education on RIM and vocabulary -- to help us understand our proposals
    • Kathleen suggests that Russ would be the best at explaining to our WG members
    • Action: Tony will reach out to Russ. Attempt a tutorial thursday afternoon in Vancouver


  • Nominate Kathleen as interim Vocabulary representative for Security Wg
    • Mike makes motion
    • Bill seconds
    • Passes 7,0,0
  • Approve the list of needed ISO documents (see above) as the list of documents that HL7 will request for WG use
    • Kathleen make motion
    • Mike seconds
    • Passes 7,0,0