February 14, 2017 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information


Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
. Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair . Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair x Jim Kretz CBCC Co-Chair x David Pyke CBCC Co-Chair
. Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair X Mike Davis . John Moehrke Security Co-Chair x Diana Proud-Madruga SOA Co-Chair
x Mohammed Jafari x Rick Grow . Glen Marshall x Ken Salyards
. Ken Sinn x David Staggs . Steve Eichner x Beth Pumo
. Chris Shawn . Ioana Singureanu x Neelima Chennamaraja . Joe Lamy
. Joseph Quinn . David Tao, Mobile Health . Nathan Botts, Mobile Health . Lisa Gonzalez

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Agenda
  2. Approve Meeting Minutes
  3. (05 min) PASS Audit - Diana
  4. (05 min) Security and Privacy Impact Assessment Cookbook (SPIA)
  5. (05 min) FHIR Consent Issue Resolution FRIDAY call update discussion reminder
  6. (20 min) HIMSS Demo Update - Mike Davis
  7. (10 min) 'Harmonization Meeting: March 1-2
    • Will anyone from CBCC be attending?
    • Does CBCC have any harmonization proposals? (note due dates below)
  8. (05 min) Mobile Health - cMHAFF joint project - David Tao
  9. (05 min) FHIR Security - John TUESDAY MEETING update
  10. New Project NIBs? May 2017 Ballot Cycle

NOTE: May WGM DRAFT Agenda created, Joint Meetings were entered based on the HL7 Meeting room invites.

Please contact [mailto:Suzanne.webb@engilitycorp.com Suzanne Gonzales-Webb} if you wish to add agenda items! Thank you!

Meeting Minutes Approval

Harmonization Meeting

  • Due Dates Reminder:
    • Initial Proposal: 02/03/2017, midnight Eastern
    • Final Proposals: 02/24/2017, midnight Eastern
  • Note: If CBCC does NOT have any harmonization proposals or does not plan to attend...a Co-chair MUST notify HL7 office (Lynn/Lillian/Dave?)!!

New Projects" May 2017 Ballot Cycle Information


PASS Audit (Diana Proud-Madruga)

  • Comment Resolution continues, 15 Comments voted on at Security meeting, more to come.


  • Still in review, the meeting is tomorrow, there will be follow-up

FHIR Consent Resource

  • No meeting on the 10th or 17th, meetings resume on the 24th
  • No outstanding issues, warnings

HIMSS Presentation (Mike Davis)

  • Officially representing the HL7 CBCC and Security workgroups with Chuck's blessing.
    1. 4 Tables for showing the flow of consent:
    1. CBCC (represented by SAMSHA) showing creation of the FHIR COnsent resource
    2. MiHIN requesting data
    3. VA responding to the request with Oauth
    4. Research use case demo
  • 15 minute presentation with 4 speakers -- may result in an HL7 press release.
  • No FHIR Security Report
  • No Mobile Health - cMHAFF Report

Additional Items: Medical Devices Privacy and Security (Mike Davis)

  • VA has interest in this area
  • A July 2010 PSS was created but did not progress
  • Considered worthwhile to investigate the topic with HealthCare Devices
    • See what's happening
    • Includes aspects of Patient Safety
    • Medical Devices of all types of interest including:
      • In Home Heart Rate Monitors (purchased or rented)
      • Blood pressure devices
      • implanted devices
    • Some interest due to Billy Rios investigation (http://xs-sniper.com/blog/)