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February 10th 2009 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting


  1. Ioana Singureanu Scribe
  2. Suzanne Gonzales-Webb - CBCC Co-chair
  3. Tony Weida
  4. Richard Thoreson - Meeting Chair, CBCC Co-chair
  5. Tony Weida
  6. Rob McClure
  7. Pat Pyette
  8. David Sperzel


  1. (11 min) Roll Call
    • Minutes approval: unanimous ; Agenda approval (Pat/Rob): unanimous
  2. (10 min) Closing the ballot cycle - the project leaders or co-chairs submit request to withdraw negative ballot comments
  3. (10 min) Canadian Update (Pat Pyette)
    • The Standards Collaborative funded by Canada Health Infoway uses an informal process to prioritize standard development activities. iEHR (Interoperable EHR) technical project has the objective to accelerate standards development. One topic/project of iEHR was Consent Directive Management under the leadership of Stanley Rataczek. Standards were analyzed to make sure they meet the requirements of Canadian stakeholders using a decision matrix to assign a weight to each requirement. The results of this analysis will be made public on Feb. 19th at 1:30 pm EDT but the web cast will not go over the results in detail. The Composite Privacy Consent Domain Analysis is informative but if the resulting normative topic appears to be an appropriate starting point for subsequent work in Canada.
    • In Canada, the actions for "collection", "use", and "disclosure" may be related to specific RBAC or ABAC operations by each jurisdiction. Data Consent focuses on the rights assigned to patients by a privacy policy. The "consent preferences" need to be mapped to access control constructs that are appropriate to each jurisdiction.
  4. (20 min) Additional privacy use cases submitted by Richard Thoreson.
    • The work group discussed the contents ofAdditional Use cases provided by SAMHSA. These use cases will be harmonized with the Domain Analysis Model to make sure they are supported by Version 2.0 of the Composite Privacy Consent Directive topic.


  1. Can we ballot our vocabulary spec as an informative standard? We will publish it as a part of Composite Privacy Consent Directive Version 2.0.

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