FHIR Workflow Template for Minutes

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To use this Template:

  1. Search (or Go to) for a page with name like FHIR Workflow_Minutes_CC_yyyymmdd (with a proper date for establishing NEW minutes)
  2. Click on the RED link to the (previously) undefined page in order to edit it.
  3. Type {{subst::FHIR Workflow Template for Minutes}} as the only content for the new page.
  4. Preview (if desired) to verify the reference was typed correctly
  5. "Save" the page.
    At this point, the contents of this template (with the exception of these instructions) will replace the substitution link.
  6. Re-edit the page to place the correct elements under Agenda (including the link to the prior minutes for Approval)
  7. Save again

The displayed contents below this line are the Minutes content

FHIR Workflow Conference Call 3:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

Return to FHIR Workflow Minutes



  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair/scribe)

Minutes Approval

Agenda Item 1

Goes here