FHIR Workflow Minutes CC 20170109

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FHIR Workflow Conference Call 3:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair/scribe)
  • Andrea Pitkus
  • J. Uwe Meyer
  • John Hatem
  • Jose Costa Tiexeira
  • Karl Holzer
  • Lauren Wolejsza
  • Oliver Krauss
  • Vassil Peytchev
  • Joe Lamy
  • Xin Liue
  • Joseph Quinn
  • Kevin Reilley
  • Johnathan Harber
  • Eric Haas
  • Reinhard Egelkraut

Process to update resources with workflow mappings

  • See FHIR_Build_Process for how to set up the build
  • Open the "spreadsheet" xml file in the build/source/[resource name] folder using Excel
  • Add a column to the spreadsheet labeled "Workflow Mapping"
  • Fill in your mappings using the format Request.element or Definition.element or Event.element for whatever mappings exist (look at the Task resource for examples)
  • Save the updated spreadsheet
  • Run the build process to make sure you haven't broken anything
  • Commit the spreadsheet back to the build

Workflow page updates

  • Reviewed draft updates to workflow page from Vassil
  • discussion of state machine
    • use "failed" instead of "cancelled" if workflow terminates after work starts (in-progress) but before successful completion
    • Agreed to add an example showing business states and relationship with task states

Carry-over for next week

  • Volunteers to incorporate "example" material into workflow documentation (i.e. lab scenarios)
  • Volunteers to map additional resources
  • Work through QA criteria on resource patterns
  • Continue to work through example scenarios
  • Discussion of state machines for Task and Definition/Request/Event (with Vasil)