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FHIR Workflow Minutes CC 20151109

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FHIR Workflow Conference Call 3:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair/scribe)
  • Chethan Makonahalli
  • Gary Dickinson
  • Gunther Meyer
  • Hans Buitendijk
  • Thomas Lukasik
  • Marten Smits
  • Grahame Grieve
  • David Hay
  • Paul Knapp
  • Keith Boone

Workflow Review

  • Reviewed topics discussed on calls thus far to bring Grahame & Keith up to speed
    • In discussion #3, noted that an additional possibility for requesting that only a portion of a given order might also be done by spawning a "child" order for that repetition, subset of items or quantity
    • Keith confirmed he'll provide some guidance on where we might leverage prior art in the workflow space
  • On item #4, decided that the new names for Order/OrderResponse should be ActionRequest/ActionResponse
  • On item #5, agreed to add elements to link requests to parent/base requests as well as an element to categorize requests. Did not land names

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