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FHIR Organization

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(20121119) We discuss the definition of organization: how to make a clear distinction between Group and Organization? If we require something like a formal legal status, we are excluding hospital departments as organizations. Still, most of us can distinguish between a group and an organization. Can we still put that down in words?

Organization properties

  • We discussed the Organization properties as they appear currently in the FHIR Resource Organization. Below we discuss all properties where we might differ from the current definition.
  • status (in UML, not in current def) - re-introduce in resource. Active and Inactive (20121112)
  • name - string [0..*] We simplify this to one attribute. Keep it 0..*, because we can imagine usecases for that but make the period of validity of a name an extension (20121112)
  • type - things like "pediatric ward", "corporation". Renamed from "code" (20121112)
  • industryCode - not in the 80% (20121119)


  • address [0..1] - address to contact this person for the organization (20121112)
  • contact [0..*] - contact info to contact this person for the organization (20121112)
  • name OR Resource(Person) - either a name, or a reference to the resource in case we have it/communicate it (20121112)
  • type [0..1] - the purpose for which you would call this contact person (billing, authorization, accounts, PR) (20121119)


  • We wonder if Accreditation is in the 80%. Accreditation is not part of the current PA domain, it was in Personnel Management but this has been retracted and was much more expanded in the original, retracted version. Is the current Accreditation even good enough? We (current participants) do not use it. We decide to keep it, to see what happens in ballot (20121112).


  • organization [1..1] Resource(Organization) - related organization (20121112)
  • type [1..1] - playing/scoping kind of information, how the organizations are related. (20121112)
  • period [0..1] - Is this 80%. No. => extension (20121112)

'type' just make this "child" and "parent".