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FHIR Infrastructure Minutes CC 20181203

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FHIR Infrastructure Conference Call 3:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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  • Discuss GF tracker # 19715
  • Scan the incoming tasks to see if there are any that people wish to discuss


- Rick Geimer (chair) - Bryn Rhodes - Grahame Grieve - Yolanda Villanova - Yunwei Wang

Agenda Item 1

  • task 19715: moved as is Grahame/Bryn 3-0-0
  • task 12900: move to approve that Lloyd makes the harmonization reuqest Grahame / Bryn 3-0-0
  • task 16528: Agreed to the proposed check list, Grahame to work with editors. Grahame / Bryn 3-0-0
  • task 19377: move to mark them as not modifier. Grahame/Bryn 5-0-0
  • task 19612: add link to fhirpath.html#simple to the profiling page, and add .OfType to the profiling page. Grahame / Bryn 5-0-0
  • task 19619: clarify language Grahame / Bryn 5-0-0

Motion: use V2/V3 case consistently through out the specification - Grahame / Bryn 5-0-0 (see for context)