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FHIR Consent February 5, 2016

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Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair Kathleen Connor FM Co-Chair Tarik Idris
William Kinsley Russell McDonell x John Moehrke Security Co-Chair
Marty Prahl Diana Proud-Madruga Pat Pyette
x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair x David Staggs Glen Marshall
Rob Horn Beth Pumo [mailto: ]


  • ==Agenda==
  • Reviewed FM Response to FHIR CD proposed changes.


  • Several use cases were raised to rationalize the FM response and resulted in to "friendly amendments" such as the need for more examples to illustrate somewhat opaque business requirements. E.g., to change signature cardinality to 0..*
  • Kathleen will take to FM as they review CPs she submitted and report back.
  • Meeting adjourned.


  • 6285 Proposal for ConsentDirective stepping stones (John Moehrke) None
  • 6865 2015May sdc #82 - Bundle with consent + request? (James Kretz) None
  • 7253 2015May core #362 - ConsentDirective violates DSTU 2 rules (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 7252 2015May core #361 - ConsentDirective appears US-specific (Lloyd McKenzie) Persuasive

Deferred until after PCD IG is written

  • 5524 Consent shouldn't be a sub-type of Contract (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 5525 Consent Directive does not appear to be aligned with the 80% (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 6137 Consent has no examples (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 7532 2015May core #823 - ConsentDirective documentation (Grahame Grieve) None
  • 7533 2015May core #824 - ConsentDirective as a profile (Grahame Grieve) None
  • 7871 2015May core #1191 - Where is consent status, advance directive details? Contract resource is inappropriate (Michelle Miller) None
  • 6284 ConsentDirective vs Contract (John Moehrke) Not Related


Discussed FM CPs addressing FHIR CD requirements.

  • FM CP 9533Change Contract signature datatype from string to FHIR Signature datatype, and change cardinality to 1..*.
  • FM CP 9536 Change the name of current Contract.subject to Contract.topic, and update current definitions

Follow up on implementation of 7752 #1073 - Replace value set with FHIR Signer Type value set

  • SSD-SD interim cochair election

KC to take John Moehrke's Friendly Amendment to FM CP 9533Change Contract signature datatype from string to FHIR Signature datatype, and change cardinality to 1..*] to FM suggesting FM consider changing the cardinality of Contract.signer.type and Contract.signer.role to 0..1 to support use cases where there is no signer but there may be a business reason for having a signature, was tabled until next call because beyond scope of discussion and the implications of doing so in terms of a legal contract haven't been throught through. We also need a couple of use cases to illustrate the need. There may be alternative solutions even though Contract.signer is optional.