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FHIR Consent February 12, 2016

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Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair x Kathleen Connor FM Co-Chair x John MoehrkeSecurity Co-Chair
x Alexander Mense Russell McDonell x Tarik Idris
x Marty Prahl Diana Proud-Madruga Pat Pyette
x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair x David Staggs x Glen Marshall
x Rob Horn x Beth Pumo William Kinsley


  • Report from FM improvements discussed last week.
  • Create Plan for completing the draft of the PCD IG
  •  ?


  • Johnathan Coleman chaired. Roll taken and agenda approved without addition.
  • RE FM report out - Kathleen stated that the only outstanding item was John's suggestion about Contract.signer.type and cardinality being changed from 1..1 to 0..1 to enable a signature without a signer.
  • John led development of a FHIR Privacy Consent Directive IG (PCD)PCD IG outlineand listed volunteers to draft sections.


  • 6285 Proposal for ConsentDirective stepping stones (John Moehrke) None
  • 6865 2015May sdc #82 - Bundle with consent + request? (James Kretz) None
  • 7253 2015May core #362 - ConsentDirective violates DSTU 2 rules (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 7252 2015May core #361 - ConsentDirective appears US-specific (Lloyd McKenzie) Persuasive

Deferred until after PCD IG is written

  • 5524 Consent shouldn't be a sub-type of Contract (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 5525 Consent Directive does not appear to be aligned with the 80% (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 6137 Consent has no examples (Lloyd McKenzie) None
  • 7532 2015May core #823 - ConsentDirective documentation (Grahame Grieve) None
  • 7533 2015May core #824 - ConsentDirective as a profile (Grahame Grieve) None
  • 7871 2015May core #1191 - Where is consent status, advance directive details? Contract resource is inappropriate (Michelle Miller) None
  • 6284 ConsentDirective vs Contract (John Moehrke) Not Related