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FHIR Comparison to SCIM

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introduction =

SCIM is a user management API - see

points of comparison with FHIR

  • general API approach
    • same approach, but without history operations
    • similar rules around errors, and a structured error content, though the details are a little different (nothing really important?)
    • no history (no use case for it)
    • there's a build transaction (still to be investigated)
    • there's a conformance statement equivalent
  • PATCH is supported by SCIM
    • functionality still to be supported
  • contents of the resource
    • the API is more bound to the contents of the resources
    • there are only 2 resources
    • PUT rules require extensive processing of the resource content
    • FHIR has avoided this - as a platform rule, but it might be required for specific implementations
    • PUT = merge, and there are merge rules, though they are not effective in collections (which is where the idea would be useful)
    • server is required to canonicalise some fields
  • search
    • uses a filter instead of named parameters
    • processing this is more complicated but it's more capable
    • pagination is predictable (not fixed by FHIR spec)
    • doesn't allow for the server to id searches for paginations
  • resource descriptions
    • extensibility model different - would only work for json
    • resources are shallower (2 levels max, some FHIR resources are unlimited)