FHIR Ballot Planning

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This page is used to identify the resources expected to be included in the "next" FHIR ballot. It is used by the FMG to help manage contributions and ballot readiness.

Ballot statuses are: Draft: Content is incomplete and included only to show "future work". Not intended to be subject to ballot comment Draft for Comment: Content isn't complete, but is ready for ballot comment DSTU Draft: Content is being balloted as a draft standard DSTU: Content has been approved as DSTU and is not currently subject to ballot Normative Draft: Content is being balloted as a draft normative standard Normative: Content is a normative standard and is not currently subject to ballot

January 2013 Ballot Cycle

Content Deadline: November 24

Financial Management

  • Coverage - Draft

Orders & Observations

  • LabReport - Draft
  • Observation - Draft

Patient Administration

  • Organization - Draft for Comment
  • Person - Draft for Comment
  • Agent - Draft
  • Animal - Draft
  • Device - Draft
  • Patient - Draft

Public Health & Emergency Response

  • Group - Draft

Patient Care

  • Problem - Draft


  • MedicationAdministration - Draft for Comment
  • Prescription - Draft

Core Team

These are resources currently developed and maintained by the core team, though their responsibility will eventually be moved to other committees

  • ConformanceProfile - Draft for Comment
  • DocumentHeader - Draft for Comment
  • List - Draft for Comment
  • MessageHeader - Draft for Comment
  • Provenance - Draft for Comment
  • SecurityEvent - Draft for Comment
  • SubmissionIssue - Draft for Comment
  • ValueSet - Draft for Comment
  • XdsEntry - Draft for Comment
  • XdsFolder - Draft for Comment