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Extend CDA R3 Header with supprt for GP/PCP

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Submitted by: Rene Spronk Revision date: 2009-07-15
Submitted date: 2009-07-15 Change request ID: <<Change Request ID>>


Need a header for patient's registered/normal General Practitioner (PCP, lots of names all round the world).


  • The GP/PCP is modelled, in the PA D-MIM, as a careProvision associated with the Person playing the role of patient. IN CDA R3, either:
    1. Use a R_Patient CMET that is richt enough in detail to include the GP/PCP care provision
    2. When not using CMETs, include a similar modelling construct as part of the CDA R3 header.



  • Grahame: Has been mapped as Primary Information Recipient, but this is not right. Can be done using functionCode on participation on service event, but only when the service event is the right kind of service event. (See also CCD 3.17)

Recommended Action Items

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March 23, 2010: Agree with the need to represent patient's PCP in header. Details of representation to be worked out. Opposed: 0; Abstain: 0: In favor: 6.