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Entity DeterminerCode

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I am having some trouble picturing the use of Entity.determiner cd. Are there any RMIMs out there that use determiner cd as anything other than instance? Which ones and why is it needed?

The example in the RIM is

  • INSTANCE: a single instance (a person, e.g. "Adam Everyman")
  • QUANTIFIED_KIND: a quantified group (3 sryringes, the "Everyman family" consisting of 5 persons)
  • KIND: and a kind of (population of Indianapolis)

There are certainly use cases for the use of determinerCode 'KIND' besides 'DEF' mood. In the Medication D-MIM you will find that determinerCode is not fixed to a single value, so all three flavors can be used when messaging about a medicine. Usually, 'KIND' will be used here, to specify a type of medicine, e.g. Amoxycilin, without identifying any particular instance. When 'INSTANCE' is used, there would have to be an id as well, pinpointing a particular tablet or package or vial, i.e. a particular (identified) instance.

By the way, I think we need a new value set here, with just KIND and INSTANCE, because I don't see how QUANTIFIED_KIND would be used (since there is no quantity attribute and the prescribed/dispensed amount is handled elsewhere).

As for the examples in the RIM definition. Don't be confused by the switch to syringes. There is no connection between the different examples, so there's no link with the use of people as use cases in the other examples. Whether the population of Indianapolis is quantified or not is not something that should worry you either. Besides the fact that the exact number of inhabitants probably changes every minute, the point is that you use QUANTIFIED_KIND if you care about the quantity and you use KIND of you simply care about the qualities that the entity must possess, in this case: being an inhabitant of Indianapolis.