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Encoded Order vs Pharmaceutical Advise

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Encoded Order vs Pharmaceutical Advice [CLOSED]

Issue: The definitions below may be contentious.

Definitive Order (Encoded Order)

In Institutional practice an order may be written in quite general terms: "250mg Amoxicillin Oral". Typically the pharmacy will modify this order to something more specific "5ml Amoxicillin Suspension 250mg/5ml". There may also be some alteration of the information; for example an order for "260mg Amoxicillin Oral" would also become "5ml Amoxicillin Suspension 250mg/5ml" since there is no justification for attempting to dose the additional 10mg.

"Encoding" of the order in the sense here does not refer to the use of codes to express the meaning of the order, but rather to revise the order to something that can be admdinistered. "Encoded Order" is a description used by HL7 v2, and we have retained this name rather than inventing something new even though it is not necessarilly a name that will be immediately understood.

Pharmaceutical Advice

An order will typically be checked for drug-drug interactions, appropriatness of the dosage level, allergies etc. This may be done manually by a pharmacist, or by a clinical decision support system of some form. It may result in changes in the order. Such a process is very close to the process that generates an Encoded Order and in IHE materials both Encoded Order and Pharmaceutical Advice are generated by a separate actor called "Pharmaceutical Advisor". At present we are not creating an equivalent Application Role in HL7 v3.