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Education Teleconference February 1, 2012

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  • Chair - AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Scribe - Melva Peters
  • Mary Ann Boyle
  • Diego Kaminker
  • John Ritter
  • Patrick Loyd


  • Vancouver WGM Tutorial Schedule - finalize
    • there have been some changes
      • V3 Data Types R2 - suggested we remove as is duplicate
      • Vocabulary II - Vocab WG need more time to re-work tutorial
      • SNOMED Part 1 and 11 - Monica Harry will be the instructor and will write the blurb - will determine if both will be offered
      • open slots Monday pm and Wed pm
      • still waiting to hear from some tutors
    • Thomas Erl governance workshop/tutorial
      • Charlie Mead suggest that this would be useful since much of the SAIF architecture is based on Thomas Erl
      • Want co-chairs to participate, but there is no good time
      • could the session be recorded via Go To Meeting and give co-chairs access to this
      • HQ doesn't typically do this
      • need to sort out the audio/video - would could ask Lillian for this as part of set up
      • Monday pm for Part 1 - Introduction to Governance
      • Wednesday pm for Part II - Advanced
      • leave with TSC to determine if they want to do something for the Co-Chairs dinners
      • paid with waiver for co-chairs or Informational or paid
        • suggest that it be a paid tutorial and could consider waiving the cost for co-chairs
      • followup with Charlie and Austin (and email thread) - AMS to respond with proposal - 2 slots; paid tutorial; make provision for co-chairs and facilitators; suggest that TSC could add a session to co-chairs dinner
      • need blurb for this session - passed the deadline. Will do a place holder.
        • need to get confirmation from Thomas and blurb by Monday, Feb 6th at the latest
  • Education Summit Tutorial Schedule
    • this schedule is already in place for March
    • no issues
  • Review of Project Status
    • Webinars Project
      • Diego - to draft PSS and post to the list
    • Certification Enhancement Project - Approval
      • Submission to SD - Melva to submit to T3SD
  • Review use of Wiki for Education WG materials
      • suggested that everyone have a look at the Wiki and make contributions and suggestions
  • Tutorial Tracking System
    • Tracking of requirements - in the minutes from previous meeting
    • Create a page on the wiki to track the requirements for the system - Melva to capture from San Diego and San Antonio minutes
    • Next steps - deferred to next meeting
      • AMS will be Project Facilitator meeting for this
  • Any other Business
      • Melva will be the Board appointed Co-Chair for Education - to be ratified at Board Meeting next week
      • There will be a co-chair election at Vancouver WGM. AMS will not be running for this position
      • if anyone is interested, please nominate
      • AMS will continue to be involved
      • Interim Co-Chair - have the discussion on the next call