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ESTWG ConCall-20141120

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EST WG Regularly Scheduled Calls Agendas


  • Regrets:

Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)
  2. Minutes review and approval
    • Minutes for [2014-11-06_EST_Meeting_Minutes.doc| 6 Nov 2014]
  3. Help Desk Liaison
  4. EHR-S FM/FP Deliverables
    1. Motion 1. Electronic Health Record Workgroup is asked to accept an extension of 4 weeks for deliverable 12. Combine, Compare, Merge.
      • Additional guidance and tool formatting to support profiling tasks such as comparing profiles, comparing functions, merging functions and criteria from separate profiles. The Results 4 Care team used a mock up design and had further discussions with EHR WG members for the functional requirements. The work is significant more difficult than anticipated. We are making progress, but might not make the deadline of Oct 31 and would like to extend this task until November 30.
      • not our issue - we need not make this motion, more appropriate for EHR, who have approved.
    2. Motion 2. Electronic Health Record Workgroup is asked to accept deliverable 10: support the work process of profile creators.
      • The description of work for this deliverable was: “The current “how to profile chapter” describes how to create a profile. The Profile Designer Tool needs to support this process. Enterprise Architect has functionalities which can be applied for this. These functions include team review, project sharing, security, and workflow scripts, among others. Note: security has been moved from deliverable 12 to deliverable 10 because it is about use of existing EA functions. Hence, additional guidance to support the profiling task access control is placed here.
      • The deliverable Results 4 Care created for this is a user guide which can be placed in the learning center of EA. Further demonstrations were given on these EA functions during various conference calls and WGMs.
      • Finally, after finishing deliverable 9, due 30 April 2014, effectively delivered May 2014, the team has given ongoing support to various profile creating task forces.
      • User guides on Box:
    3. Motion 3. Electronic Health Record Workgroup is asked to accept deliverable 11: Publication artifacts for EHR-S FM profiles using HL7 MAX approach.
      • Publication of the 2.0 profile in MAX format including any extensions to MAX required to support Profiles in addition to the existing support for the FM. Conversion of the MAX format into html as well as pdf. ##*Conversion of the FM and Profiles from the MAX format into a “usable” Excel format comparable to the existing Excel worksheets under use by the workgroup.
      • The deliverable 11 Results 4 Care created for this is a tool suite both in Enterprise Architect to import and export MAX files from the profiles, and a series of software tools plus user guide how to generate the publication from EHR-S FM/FP MAX files. The user guide for publication artifacts for the EHR-S Functional Models and Profiles has been created as well. The software tools and user guides are placed in the zipfile with the publication documentation and submitted to the co-chairs. This is made consistent with the tooling workgroup’s action item to publish all HL7 ballot materials through MAX.
      • Box: and the user guide on
    4. Motion 4. Electronic Health Record Workgroup is asked to accept deliverable 14.
      • Update reports and wiki contributions. The Results 4 Care team has given and will continue to give regular updates on the progress of tool development and instructions during the EHR WG conference calls, the WGM meetings and the wiki. This will be continued as is until phase 2 is finalized. Wiki:
    5. Motion 5. Electronic Health Record Workgroup is asked to accept deliverable 16. Tutorial presentation (i.e. pptx) for the profiling tool
      • Presentation and tutorial support materials will be developed to enable the provision of tutorials at workgroup meetings, workgroup member training, webinars or other educational opportunities that the WG decides are appropriate.
      • The results 4 care team has created various PowerPoint presentations on the need for the tool, the steps and progress, and lately how to use the tool for actual profiling work. In addition following the set of user guides that were created, some have been transformed in video, so that HL7 has also the opportunity to create e-learning for the Profile Designer Tool.
      • Box:
    6. Motion 6. Electronic Health Record Workgroup is asked to accept deliverable 17. Provide initial support to key WG users in installing and initial use of tool.
      • The Results 4 Care team created a short tutorial and delivered that during the September 2014 workshop to EHR WG membership. This will be planned according to EHR WG co-chair decisions for the Jan 2015 WGM.
      • In order to store the user guides and software behind the membership access to - after approval has been obtained - we will engage with HL7 HQ to arrange the transfer from our server to the HL7 server. An html page was set up as example based on the FHIR webpage:
  5. Tooling Strategic Plan Updates
  6. EHR FM/FP Tool Pages
    • This is an approved project that has artifacts that they wish to be published, we will need to discuss website placement and details
  7. Project Updates
    • Technical Platform and Architecture PSS
  8. 2015 May WGM Quarters - need to enter by Nov 21
  9. Next Tooling Liaison Meeting planning
  10. Review of Projects 5 years or older
  11. Parking lot for upcoming meetings
    1. Review SWOT
    2. Review Combined project roadmap and prioritize
    3. Review call schedules


  1. Meeting minutes are sent via email prior to the next meeting via
  2. Approved meeting minutes can be found on the EST WG page at

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