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Discussion on examples for ProteinIdentifier.identifier

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CLOSED - Need Examples for ProteinIdentifier.identifier

Current Definition

DEFINITION: A unique symbol that establishes the identity of the protein.

EXAMPLE(S): The identifier from the Ensembl or GenBank database


NOTE(S): The identifier needs to be fully qualified with version and source, if available as part of the standard.�

It is anticipated that at some point in the future a use case will arise for a type code to be added to the identifiers allowing a single database to issue more than one kind of identifier, but it is also hoped that this need may be addressed by a change in the HL7 data type definition for II. The current pattern of pairing an II attribute with a CD attribute does not support the anticipated use case.


provide examples of code

Proposed Disposition


Proposed Disposition Comment

Valid request but need SMEs to provide valid example value(s).

Initial Discussion

Examples were supposedly provided in email but couldn't be located.

Outstanding Question

CG SMEs: Can someone please provide valid examples from real database?


Lauren Becnel: Examples include UniProtKB and Refseq protein identifiers.

Q from Wendy: These are the names of identifier databases rather than actual identifier values from those databases which is what Mollie was proposing we add. Still need actual real-world example values.

Discussion 20160223: Lauren will provide example values

Lauren Becnel, 20160226: The first 10 amino acids of the protein BRCA1 are MDLSALRVEE.


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