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December 16, 2015 Education Telecon

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December 16, 2015 Education Telecon Minutes


  • Role Call
  • Approval of last meeting minutes
  • Agenda Review
  • Mobile Question Application for Certification Test Review
  • HL7 Marketing
  • Review WGM Tutorial Numbers
  • WGM Agenda
  • Professional Certification Status
  • Arden Syntax Certification Status
  • Reorganizing the brochure - Tutorial Blurbs, Roles, Pathways
  • HL7 Buzz Tutorial
  • V2 Workshop Project (Fernando)
  • How to Drive Attendance at Ed Summit(results of list server query)
  • New Business
  • Next Meeting December 30th at 4pm Eastern

Education Teleconference on Dec. 16th

[Attendance] In the call: John Ritter, Virginia Lorenzi, Sharon Chaplock, Heather Grain, Diego Kaminker (scribe), Melanie Hillard, Mary Ann Boyle

[Approval of prior minutes]

- Motion to approve previous minutes: John Ritter moves, DK seconds. Motion carries.

[Mobile question tool] ONTOLOGY FOR QUESTIONS

- Virginia: cert tests are taken by people. we are trying to improve our process to create questions. If we can use an ontology like the one Marcelo showed in IMIA it would be great.

- Marcelo: I will meet Diego on Saturday. By using definitions and hierarchies, we can create questions. This is what we showed in AMIA, applied to medical education. The conclusion is that it is only for learning processes, not for certification. We can see this is action in If the ontology has good definitions, we can crete meaningful questions - Sharon: we want to use this tools to allow students to better prepare for the certification tests. Maybe pushing questions all the time and replacing them with other questions when they get the first batch right. - Virginia: how is the ontology you need - Diego : Will check with Marcelo during our meeting in Chile, the precise format - Cecil enters the call - Cecil will send the FHIR ontology - Sharon: V2/CDA will be the first steps. - Cecil will collect both and send it to the group (Diego, Virginia, Calvin) - Marcelo: we don´t have the chapter still established in Chile, but I am the president of the medical informatics association here.

[HL7 Director of Marketing/Discussion of Marketing and Education] MELANIE Works closely with Mary Ann and Sharon Any services she can work helping the education group, provide any assistance.Open the conversation to see how we can better promote the courses. Open the door and how to get any ideas for marketing tutorials or ed summits. Hoping that she can collaborate on any of the calls. Any comments or feedback?

[WGM TUTORIAL NUMBERS] MaryAnn: pretty low tutorial numbers. Send gold members emails and phone calls to draw some more people. Anything without FHIR has no people registering People don´t know where to find education. Some people don´t know where to find education and google this. There is people from organizations that don´t know how to find education. Virginia: do we have any outreach for education. Melanie: We do not have keyword advertising. We show up highest in the search pages. For educational outreach, we are trying to address this. We have 16.5K email addresses. We depend on social media and email. Maybe the emails are not getting to the right people. John: I am with the IMC. One of my goals is to take the products and send them to people never acquainted to the HL7 standards. From a novice perspective, suppose I work for a company. If I go to, I never know how to get education: it says how to get an OID, how to get the RIM, etc. But if I am a noobie, I don´t have any information Melanie: We are working on that. Historically the website is for the members. People who is surveyed is current members. We need to survey non-members to see how they can navigate. We need to increase membership, not only Education. How can we focus the landing page for different kind of persons: certification, members, education, etc. We are looking to change this John: What is HL7? Is the goal to develop standards or it is people using the standards. The web should be user-oriented. For people to use the standards. Maybe one for members, one for new people looking for standards. Melanie: we may have reached the saturation for the market John: maybe we need to lean in Distance Learning and Webinars. Mary Ann: we have 40 people in an on-site course. THey preferred this to the WGM classes. Mary Ann: we have no marketing for Distance Learning. The minute we open registration it fills up. Sharon: we also have virtual training . We have two companies taking this kind of training. On-Site training and Virtual training are more focused. Virginia: there are a lot of people that can benefit of having a better knowledge Melanie: we have not enough budget for running several massive on-line campaigns. We did some for the Education portal. Virginia: maybe having some local people joining/working, like in regional HIMSS. Melanie: in my previous job we attended MidW HIMSS with a booth, and it was very expensive. We need to think if we can attend local events and how. Virginia: MKT is extremely important. Heather any comments? Heather: People needs to understand what is the value for them.If we do not have new people at the WGM then there will no people in the tutorials. Virginia: we may think of different ways of teaching, maybe increase our e-learning offerings. Mary Ann: most people still uses CDA R2 and V2.x, and they still need to learn that. We need to still teach that. And people requiring Virtual or On-Site asks for that. Some of them asks FHIR training, but not much yet. We need to create a simple way for people to see very fast what they need to know for a specific use case. Melanie: maybe we saturated the market for current members. we need to get new organizations and new people. We are struggling with that. Virginia: maybe our new projects can help us a little to get more people involved. I will take the agenda for last January WGM and work with that. Please send any other idea. Any other bussiness?

[Next Meeting Next meeting: Two weeks from now. Dec 30th, 4PM Easten DK: Either Fernando or me will attend John: prepare the agenda for the luncheon with a list of questions or issues so they can come prepared.

Mary Ann: no problem. I will not be in the call on Dec. 30th.


Motion to adjourn (DK), Heather seconds.

Meeting adjourned at 5.08 pm