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Dec 5, 2012 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Mary Ann Boyle
  • Austin Kreisler
  • Sharon Chaplock
  • Diego Kaminker
  • John Ritter
  • Virginia Lorenzi


  • Facilitator Training Project Scope Statement
    • Austin has discussed with
      • Publishing and Tooling - have approved
      • Vocabulary - need to get them on board, but they aren't really interested
      • MnM - need to prod to get participation
      • Electronic Services - how would we manage videos?
    • Webinars - we are already planning to do these for other educational offerings
      • Ideas - 5-10 minute snippets for training videos
    • It was moved by Austin and seconded by Diego to approve the PSS for Facilitator Training - Carried (4/0/0)
Austin will discuss further with ES - should be a co-sponsor
Melva will forward to ES, MnM and to SD
  • ELearning Update (Diego)
    • we are finishing the International and the Spanish edition
    • Working with Mary Ann to automate the delivery of certificates of completion electronically
    • Will validate certificate format
    • India almost just finished
    • Next edition begins March 14th
      • have over 350 people on the waiting list
  • HL7 Education Schedule
    • Proposal is out for review by Finance Committee
      • Proposal was approved
      • Also approved by the Board
      • Now are good to go
    • Identifying speakers for meaningful use series
      • Sharon will be inviting speakers
    • First Webinar February 20th
    • Certification Webinar series - there is a difference between these introduction courses and the certification courses.
    • Series - would be 180 minutes
    • Introduction to V2 - Patrick
    • Introduction to CDA - Calvin
      • Introduction to V3 - TDB
    • maybe Introduction courses should stand on their own
    • Tools for Webinars - there are a number of tools that will be available
      • Will be using Go To Webinars
        • Live webinar
    • concern is that 90 minutes is a long time to sit through
      • may want to make them shorter
  • Project Review
    • RIM Certification Test Update Project (PSS 886) (Virginia)
      • Needs to be done by January for review
      • Lots of work - about 1/2 way through the test review
      • Suggested that Ginnie reach out to others in order to meet timelines
    • Electronic Certification Testing (PSS 882)
      • RFP is out - closing date is December 7th
      • Will be evaluating
      • Pull the project and review the dates - Add to next meeting agenda
    • Education Webinars (PSS 871)
      • see above
    • Tutorial Tracking Information System (PSS )(AMS)
Melva will reach out to AMS
    • HL7 Certification Enhancement (PSS 865)
      • Diego - we don't have the bandwidth to deal with this
      • We should postpone this project
Add to next meeting agenda
Melva to pull out this project
  • Tutorials
    • UML - Patrick
Melva to reach out to Patrick to get status
    • V3 Project Manager - Marc Koehn
Melva to reach out to Marc
    • Receipt of Tutorial Specifications for January 2013 Tutorials
      • still waiting for some specifications for January
Mary Ann will forward what we have received
  • Policy/Procedure
    • Auditing - Patrick
Melva to reach out to Patrick to get status

Any other business

  • Education Survey
    • 46 responses
    • Sharon will post responses
  • Planning for Phoenix - agenda
    • Add to agenda for next meeting
    • Review results of education survey

Next meeting

  • December 19, 2012 at 11am Eastern