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Use Cases Proposed for the 2010 Ballot

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Note to the reader: By convention, use case names contain active verbs (e.g. "Intubate patient") 
                      rather than qualified nouns (e.g. "Patient Intubation").

Candidate Use Case Name Source Type Priority Notes/Description
1 Intubate Patient, Unplanned Marthe Mosely (VA) Business Use Case 1 In response to a patient’s deteriorating condition, a team of clinicians intubates a patient and attaches the patient to a ventilator, confirms that the ventilator is working properly, and confirms that the settings are correct.
2 Manage Patient on Ventilator Martha Mosely (VA) (mod.) Business Use Case 2 A clinician assesses a patient on a ventilator and adjusts ventilator and alarm settings as necessary.
5 Liberate Patient from Ventilator, Planned (includes weaning) Martha Mosely (VA) Business Use Case 2 In response to a physician's order, a team of clinicians weans a patient from a ventilator and removes the endotracheal tube. The clinician performs a respiratory assessment on the patient.

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