DCM-MD Meeting 2010.07.20

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DCM for Medical Devices Meeting

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Meeting Information

Meeting Information


  1. Diane Bedecarre
  2. Ron Dorushka
  3. Donna DuLong
  4. Catherine Hoang
  5. Belinda Huff
  6. Jay Lyle
  7. Mary McDermott
  8. Holly Miller
  9. Warren Rose
  10. Ioana Singureanu
  11. Luigi Sison
  12. Bradford Wee-Tom
  13. Serafina Versaggi - scribe
  14. Chris Wojkiewicz



  1. (05 min) Roll Call
  2. (05 min) Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  3. (45 min) Continue working through the Ventilator Clinical Scenario_Rev 3 with the subject matter experts to capture information related to ventilator settings, weaning patient off ventilator and extubation
  4. (05 min) Other Business


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Discussion Notes

Action Items

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