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Create smart/dumb applications

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This is a page of type Category:InM Closed Action Items.

Create smart/dumb applications

Opened 20070502
20100120:Assigned to Mark Tucker
Old action item 1125

20110111: Closed due to lack of action from submitter.

Create smart/dumb applications, vs Trigger Event document, ControlAct domains

  • Mark T/Doug, 2007-01
    • Create document related to “contract”/device/application role/logical receiver/ smart vs dumb applications on Wiki
  • 20070502: WGM: This aspect of communication style needs to be document. Remains open.
  • 20080618: Telcon: Doug will contact Mark T.
  • 20080114:WGM:Scott will see if Mark is here, to get info from him.
  • 20080414 Scott: email query sent to Mark
  • 20100120: Revitalization with intent to taunt(sic).Mark T. in six weeks.
  • 20100312: Tony Pinged Mark T.