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Conformance Weekly Meeting 2017 07 17

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Meeting Information

  • Date: Monday, July 3, 2016
  • Time: 10:00 am, North America Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
  • Pass Code: 644843
  • Web Meeting: Uber Conference

Proposed Agenda Topics

Topics to discuss:

  • From last meeting that was cancelled due to lack of quorum:
    • Review Mission and Charter with regard to what the WG is really doing per request from the TSC
    • Versioning of IGs
    • Review of Harmonization Proposals
  • Discuss FMG QA criteria [[1]]
  • Review and approve WGM minutes
  • Review Mission/Charter - *due to Steering Division by August 1st*
  • Review FHIR Resource QA Tracker
  • FHIR Conformance Review


  • Rob Snelick
  • Craig Newman
  • Nathan Bunker


  • Discussed current Mission and Charter
    • We should be up-to-date, we went through a revision when we changed our name, we propose to continue using this charter. We looked it and agreed that no updates were needed (as we recently updated and focused our mission/charter when we changed name to Conformance.)
  • Versioning of IGs
    • No guidance of versioning of IGs, what you should do in MSH-21. Some proposals in the past but nothing formally put down. A temporary guidance has been agreed upon, but this needs to be formalized.
      • QPD discussion: Query id. Does the query id need have the version as well?
      • One page answer? Document current guidance that can be approved by Conformance. Narrow scoped document but can be used as building block for something bigger. Conformance position.
  • Review of Harmonization Proposals
    • Ted Klien was notified by Frank Oemig on July 10 that "From a conformance perspective we do not have something to contribute"
  • Discuss FMG QA criteria
    • Doesn't appear anybody on Conformance had time to provide feedback. Craig did look at it but didn't see anything to comment on. Deadline for feedback has passed.
  • Review and approve WGM minutes
    • Frank is not here, will wait next time when Frank is here to approve
  • Review FHIR Resource QA Tracker
    • Send conformance list serve to remind people to look at it
  • FHIR Conformance Review
    • Nathan will work to get this started next meeting, putting it on the schedule and announcing it
    • Rob will pull off the slides he has and pull together template
    • Need to get someone from FHIR to join our call? We will work on this in the workgroup and then take to FHIR experts at the next WGM.
  • HL7 v2 topics
    • Co-constraints
    • Craig and Rob have been working on this. This will be proposed to the larger group later for feedback.
    • Put this on our list so we can discuss this in the future.
  • InM: Kai and John Roberts about harmonizing the machine readable. Work on a common constraint language. Meeting with them in September at the WGM. But we need to be more prepared on this. NIST is looking to propose new constraint language for HL7 v2+. Hossam from NIST is going to be create a document on this. We are waiting for PSS language from InM that Conformance is going to use to put together a PSS that we will be leading.