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Conformance Weekly Meeting 2017 01 30

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Meeting Information

Proposed Agenda Topics

  • Approve minutes from January WGM
  • Review of todo items


  • Frank Oemig
  • Rob Snelick
  • Nathan Bunker
  • Craig Newman


  • Going over minutes from WGM
    • Discussed Frank's HL7 v2+ tooling project
      • Will this tooling be used in previous versions? Still a work in progress, using 2.8.2 as the basis for development. Might be used for previous version, maybe 2.5, but might not have everything needed.
      • Extracting process is not 100% correct. Some things have to be adjusted by hand.
      • Tooling not working correctly due to Windows version. Tooling is on many different machines. Code can't be migrated.
      • How to do edits, inserts are pretty tricky. This needs to be figured out. A lot of open questions that are not answered yet.
    • Discussing length of fields in HL7 2.x
      • Conformance length is informative
      • When you profile then how do set a normative length? There is a gap in the profile for being able to specify this. Truncation is something we have.
    • Minutes approved (Rob/Frank) 2-0-1


  • Nathan check to see if language change is in ballot reconciliation for InM.
  • Add to gForge, when we write 2B we need to address the issue of not having a normative declaration for length.