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Conformance User Guide

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This should be the Draft as issued by Ioana on Thursday, June 28, 2001,

This document is being presented to interested parties. It is a status report that is periodically published to solicit the involvement of the broadest possible group of participants as this methodology is being put into use. Comments are solicited on all aspects of this Conformance Framework.

This effort is expected to yield an informative balloted standard that is open to all who

  • develop healthcare data processing systems
  • implement healthcare data processing systems, including consulting on compatibility
  • develop message profiles
  • do certification testing of message profiles

Within the context of the HL7 Conformance User Guide normative or informative specifications pointed towards compatibility can be developed. As soon as these specifications have been put into production, experience can be gained and can be reflected in a new revision.

Editors Bas M. van Poppel,
Ioana Singureanu,
Mary Ann Juurlink,