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Conformance San Antonio Agenda

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Day Date Time Ver. Event Host Chair Scribe Room
Sunday 7-May AM - Q1
Sunday 7-May AM - Q2
Monday 8-May AM - Q1 v2.6
approve minutes
approve Agenda
v2.6 ballot reconciliation
v2.7 proposals
Conf Frank John -
Monday 8-May AM - Q2 V3 conformance implementation manual:

- vocabulary constraints
- datatype constraints
- mandatory/required-discussion
ballot reconciliation
discussion of creating list of V2/V3 terms
definition of realm/context of use
Interaction Conformance and Versioning - Implementation Issues(?)

Conf Frank John -
Monday 8-May AM - Q3 V3 vocabulary domains, value sets, ..

definition of realm
vocabulary constraint definition<r> ...

Vocab - -
Monday 8-May AM - Q4 v2.x
Meet with InM regarding conformance issues
Includes Ping and Feature Discovery proposal document
InM - -
Tuesday 9-May AM - Q1 V3 ballot reconciliation

testing framework
tooling for conformance

Conf John Frank
Tuesday 9-May AM - Q2 v2.x Tools overview (MWB + Msg-Maker)
agenda/schedule for next meeting
Conf John Frank -
Wednesday 10-May AM - Q1 V3 collecting constraint requirements Conf John Frank
Wednesday 10-May AM - Q3 V3 Lisa's proposed topic: Discussion regarding the relationship among the Refinement Chapter, Constraint Project, Template Project and HDF based on input from Vocab + EHR.

Ballot reconciliation (bringing items forward from Conformance SIG)

MnM - - -
Wednesday 10-May AM - Q4 V3 (continued) MnM - - -
Thursday 11-May     not meeting       -
Friday 12-May     not meeting