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Conformance FAQ

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Does anyone have an example of an FAQ focused on newcomers from some other technology domain?

The outline below is a skeleton. But it would be better to adopt a conventional FAQ format.

General Information

What tutorials or other documents are useful for newcomers

  • HL7 Conformance Tutorial dated October 2001 by Ioana Singureanu and Mary Ann Juurlink, see HL7 Canada archive
  • Version 2 Messaging Conformance (tutorial) dated May 2006 by Abdul-Malik Shakir (?contact him for availability)

What tools are available to perform validation?

  • See HL7API on Sourceforge (Are the references on this page up to date? Who maintains it?)
  • MWB, Symphonia, Chameleon, Neotool, HL7 Connect. MWB and Symphonia are known to support the HL7 defined conformance profile (XML file) specification.

How do I register a message profile with HL7?

  • see users guide on hl7 web site

Where can I find examples of HL7 confomance statements?

  • (Enter "HL7 conformance statement"in any search engine.)

Where can I find examples of message profiles

  • ADT examples from Jenni in HL7 registry
  • examples from HL7 Germany (Frank)
  • examples from Abdul-Malik's work in California
  • other examples ... Australia? Canada?
  • example of human-readable "interface spec"

How do I create a message profile (especially the static definition)?

  • (can use MWB to create; XSLT or similar to produce human-readable "interface spec")
  • The Symphonia toolkit has a build in option of generating documentation.

What are some capabilities of message profiles?

  • Can message profiles be used with both ER7 and XML encoding?
    • ??
  • Can message profiles require or constrain the use of v2 extensibility features (z-segments, etc.)
    • ??
  • Can message profiles constrain use of hierarchal data elements (e.g., components and subcomponents in complex data types)?
    • ??
  • How do message profiles interact with Value Sets?
    • ??

Conformance in HL7 v2.5

Introduction - What are the basic concepts of conformance in HL7 v2.5?

What are the current normative documents?

  • Conformance using Message Profiles, section 2.12 in the approved v2.5 standard (July 2003) The message profile schema and DTD in section 2.19 are also normative.
  • V2.xml document

Is there a profile for the HL7 v2.5 standard?

  • ???

Conformance in HL7 v2.6

What additional conformance capabilities are being balloted in v2.6?

  • (is there a list in the v2.6 ballot draft?)

Conformance in HL7 v2.7

What additional conformance practices are being considered for upcoming versions (v2.7 and beyond)?

  • See the working draft of the Conformance Implementation Manual
  • Conformance and InM have discussed to allow for a more precise definition of length information in the attribute table. We will introduce a minimal length as well. Furthermore, the length information will be taken out of the normative part for most of the elements (except e.g. MSH-1 and MSH-2). This allows for a more precise definition of a message profile.

Conformance in HL7 V3

  • ???