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Conformance 26th July

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  • John Lyons
  • Frank Oemig
  • Joann Larson
  • Scott Robertson
  • Doug Pratt


We do have enough participants for a quorum.; John is chairing.

Approval of the agenda

Joann: How conformance statement should be written ?
-> point for the next conf call

Approval of minutes

motion to accept: Scott/Joann, no objections
(no vote on the minutes from last week, just John and Frank)

Ballot Reconciliation

There hasn't been any response to the prepared motions. Perhaps this is due to knowledge where to look at.

Therefore, here is another hint: The ballot package (=spreadsheet) contains a new table left to the ballot line items (see bottom line). This new table contains some motions with the affected line items. (You can reduce the set of visible line items by selecting "0" in the column having the affirmative votes. For the next round I will prepare to use the motion number in "comment grouping". This makes it easier to handle.)

Motions as listed in the reconciliation spreadsheet

  1. fix the line items that has been identified and grouped as true typos.
  2. ok
  3. ok
  4. line item 71 is revisited => John to send to voter
  5. ok

Conformance Call Schedule Poll

most of us are ok with the current meeting times.