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Conference call minutes 8 December 2015

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Health Concern Topic

Patient Care WG

December 8 2015


  • Michael Tan – Chair
  • David Pyke
  • David Tao
  • Jay Lyle
  • Susan Matney
  • Emma Jones
  • Dan Russler
  • Pavla Frazier

Participation Information Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 943377

Web Meeting Info Meeting number 249 522 346


  • David Pyke has sent a new DAM document to the patient care list.
  • The chapters 4, 5 and 6 were thoroughly revised and shortened.
  • Goals are part of the Care Plan scope. That is why you will not find it in the Health Concern DAM. In the diagram they are depicted in the black box of Care plan.
  • The following actions are still outstanding:
    • Review the use case scenario's:
      • Remove redundant scenario's
      • Patient journey scenario should reflect the patient's perspective.
      • Better example of a storyboard with the patient's concern.
    • Update the comparison in the appendix between (newer versions of ) DAM, CCDA and Contsys.
  • Dan is anxious to know how health concerns will work from the patient's perspective.
  • There are different roles attached to a health concern. The DAM does not make a distinction in the background of the author. This could be a patient or relatives of the patient ( example of anorexia case).
  • The DAM itself is agnostic of systems. Currently most enviroments can only deal with concerns within one system.
  • A list is a presentation ( or appearance) of grouped information. Problem lists or allergy lists are some (of the most common examples) of output. It is not the problem concern or health concern itself.
  • The structure of a problem concern is identical to the health concern. A health concern could be nested and have subconcerns. That is the reason why you do not see the problem concern as a seperate data element in the diagram.
  • MU3 does need rules of how to build your sections and subsections and how to use the templates. These are guidelines for implementation, that will set restrictions to the nesting and grouping of health concerns and problem concerns.
  • PCWG will remain responsible for the functional requirements of Health Concern. SDWG will focus on the technical requirements of Health Concern in structured docs.

The document can be found here: File:Current DAM.docx

Action items

  • Jay will function as a liaison between PCWG and SDWG for harmonization of Health Concerns between these groups.

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