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Conference call minutes 27 February 2014

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Health Concern Topic Patient Care WG February 27th, 2014

Attendees: Michael Tan – Chair, Scribe

Stephen Chu

Lisa Nelson

Becky Angeles

Kevin Coonan


  1. Minutes of previous meeting
  2. Discuss definition and use cases
  3. Next Call

Minutes of previous meeting

Motion by Stephen to approve the minutes of February 6th. Seconded by Lisa.

In favor: 5

Against: 0

Abstain: 0.

Discussion of Definitions

  • Michael has prepared slides for discussion of definitions. The presentation can be found under this File:PCWG-Definitions of Concerns.pptx
  • Lisa points out to the definitions of problem concern in meaningful use.
  • Discussion on what concern tracking is. It is felt more as a verb, than a noun. Concern tracking is monitoring the case of a patient. Question is whether this would lead to an act. It is more felt as a relationship. Even then we need to know how this has to be organized. ( sequencing, priorities?).
  • Stephen suggests to switch the words monitoring and measures on the slide of past and future. The words will be revised and replaced.
  • We had a quickscan of the diagrams from the Contsys project. We could not recognize our definitions in the contents of Contsys. The Contsys definitions have been submitted in ISO, but the exact status is unknown. Comments from Australia were not addressed.
  • Kevin showed his File:HealthConcern diagrams Coonan.pdf of health concern. These diagrams are too detailed for this stage and we need a model from logical perspective. Kevin will prepare a diagram for the next session and contact Stephen beforehand to manage the expectations.

Next call

The next meeting is planned for March 6th 2014 at 4:00 pm.