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Condition/Diagnosis/Problem (QDM)

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This QDM to QI Core Mapping for the QDM Datatype "Diagnosis" was reviewed by the CQI WG on March 30, 2018 for QDM version 5.3. There are no changes in "Condition/Diagnosis/Problem" in QDM version 5.4.

QDM defines Condition/Diagnosis/Problem as a practitioner’s identification of a patient’s disease, illness, injury, or condition. This category contains a single datatype to represent all of these concepts: Diagnosis. A practitioner determines the diagnosis by means of examination, diagnostic test results, patient history, and/or family history. Diagnoses are usually considered unfavorable, but may also represent neutral or favorable conditions that affect a patient’s plan of care (e.g., pregnancy).


QDM Attribute QI Core Metadata Element Comment
Diagnosis Condition (the Condition.clinicalStatus metadata allows conformance to the specific QDM datatype context) QDM defaults the status to active and prevalence period provides the evidence of activity. Note: The FHIR Condition resource does not specify a status for Condition.clinicalStatus; however, the QDM datatype Diagnosis default state is "active"; hence, the Condition.clinicalStatus should be constrained to "active". Also, the Condition.verificationStatus should be constrained to "confirmed".
Prevalence Period Condition.onset[x], OR Condition.asserted Use Condition.onset[x], if present, use Condition.asserted as a fallback. Note that it may not be appropriate to map Condition.asserted to Diagnosis.prevalencePeriod.start when Condition.status is inactive. QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR for start of Prevalence Period
Condition.abatement[x] QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR for end of Prevalence Period
Anatomical Location Site Condition.bodySite QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR
Severity Condition.severity QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR
Code Condition.code QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR
Author dateTime Condition.assertedDate QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR
id QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR
Source Condition.asserter QDM matched to QI Core / FHIR